Thursday, August 11, 2016

8 months later...

EIGHT months later? My oh my where did the time go?? I feel like I have aged a million years, and ran about a million marathons. Wishful thinking, right? I always say that I will be better about blogging but who am I kidding? I guess truly no one but myself HA.

Well blog readers, if you are still out there then HELLLLOOO from the other side! In 8 months I wrapped up another school year, enjoyed another fabulous and busy summer and I am now starting the process of yet another school year! Summer went way too fast just like it does every year, but I am ready to get back into a routine. I love lax schedules but I crave routine after about a month and a half. I am also so ready for cooler weather, this summers heat has really kicked my booty and I am ready to kiss it goodbye FOREVER. Bring on the breeze, boots and sweaters. Fall I am READY for you!! I felt like if I didn't come back into the blog world sooner rather than later then people would think I was a goner. Although I don't blog often at all I am still an avid blog reader. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down and reading about other people's lives. It gives me a sense of peace and makes me realize I am not alone in the crazy, nonstop world that we live in!

So as I prepare for another school year, I ask for prayers! Prayers that this year will fly by, that I will enjoy my last bit of school, and that I will continue to learn about this crazy world! Life is short y'all and I am just along for the ride!!

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