Thursday, August 11, 2016

8 months later...

EIGHT months later? My oh my where did the time go?? I feel like I have aged a million years, and ran about a million marathons. Wishful thinking, right? I always say that I will be better about blogging but who am I kidding? I guess truly no one but myself HA.

Well blog readers, if you are still out there then HELLLLOOO from the other side! In 8 months I wrapped up another school year, enjoyed another fabulous and busy summer and I am now starting the process of yet another school year! Summer went way too fast just like it does every year, but I am ready to get back into a routine. I love lax schedules but I crave routine after about a month and a half. I am also so ready for cooler weather, this summers heat has really kicked my booty and I am ready to kiss it goodbye FOREVER. Bring on the breeze, boots and sweaters. Fall I am READY for you!! I felt like if I didn't come back into the blog world sooner rather than later then people would think I was a goner. Although I don't blog often at all I am still an avid blog reader. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down and reading about other people's lives. It gives me a sense of peace and makes me realize I am not alone in the crazy, nonstop world that we live in!

So as I prepare for another school year, I ask for prayers! Prayers that this year will fly by, that I will enjoy my last bit of school, and that I will continue to learn about this crazy world! Life is short y'all and I am just along for the ride!!

Thanks for reading!!



Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's Not the New Year Yet!

My oh my has it been a loooong time since I last posted, but who says I can't get one more post in before the NEW YEAR! Crazy to think that in just a few short days we will be living in the year 2016. I feel like just yesterday it was 2000. Ha! Lots has happened in the year 2015 both good and bad. My goal this year is to not dread and look back on the negatives. Easier said than done I know! 

In the last couple months I have been quite the busy gal, one of those people you look at and think "do they ever stop?" I wish I could sit here and tell you that I have had a lot down time to just relax, but that would be a total fib. While I have been super busy, I must say that it really has kept me on my toes and it's stuff like this busy lifestyle that keeps me going. 

I guess we will start with the month of October-- I celebrated my 21st birthday with my best friend  in the great city of Chicago! It was truly such a short and magical trip. We had the best time ever just shopping, eating good food and getting some much needed down time. We were no big party animals, I think most nights we were in bed by midnight at the latest and I was not complaining. The weather was a perfect chilly 50 degrees something that we weren't getting her at that time. It wasn't the sunniest but I was totally fine with that for once in my life. I was just wanting the cold!!! However as much as I wanted cold weather, I packed pretty poorly leaving out a jacket... BRRRR. Luckily I survived and made it back to hot and muggy Houston three days later. I love traveling and I love adventure but I must say I love coming home to my city. There is something about familiarity that just eases my mind. 21 has been filled with a whole lot of nothing, but I will say I am now a full on adult and I couldn't be more excited. 

Shortly after I returned October wrapped up and Thanksgiving fast approached. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. I love it for many reason one being the food and the other being the fact that everyone is together and there is no stress of gift giving. It just makes for a perfect little time and I truly look forward to it every year. We enjoyed much needed R&R and ate until we could no longer see our toes ;). If only  I could learn a thing or two from my mom on cooking, I think I'd be set for life. Alas I have not learned a single thing so I think I'll keep her around a little longer. LOVE YOU MOM! It seems like once Thanksgiving happens the rest of the year just goes at lightning speed. You blink and it's Christmas, and Christmas brings lots of stress!!! AHHH! In the beginning of December I bit the bullet and decided to give everyone an early Christmas present.....wait for it...... I GOT A LICENSE. Yes this 21 year old, got her license and I haven't looked back since, and I think it's safe to say no one else has either. This year I definitely had the case of "Christmas crazy" I was tired, grumpy and just an all around unenjoyable person to be around. Not really sure what brought on the foul mood, but  I am glad it is over and  I am sure everyone else is too!!!! 

So here we are now about to hit a new year and I am ready to go!! I am ready to wave goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016 with loving arms! I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season!

Here's to you 2016, lets see what you got!!



Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Coming Soon... Maggie's Taxi Service

Let it be known that I am 21 and do not have a license... yep you read that right MAGGIE CAN'T DRIVE!!!!! Growing up I always imagined getting a license and car at 16 and just running the town, but for some reason that didn't happen. When I was a sophomore in high school I took drivers ed, at that point it was known that I wasn't getting a car and I was totally fine with that. Unlike most kids the words no car to me meant no need for a license. Slowly but surely my friends all got cars and licenses and I was over the moon about riding with them to all the cool places. 

Fast forward 5 years and now here we are, all my friends are away at school, I am 21 and I have to depend on people to take and pick me up from places. You would think that I would be totally embarrassed, but truth be told I am not embarrassed one bit. Any time I hear of someone not having a license and being old I am elated! But my hitching a ride places is slowly but surely coming to an end. The family I nanny for is really needing me to drive, and I totally understand. 

So with that being said I have been taking driving lessons the last two weeks in preparation for my driving test. To say I wasn't scared when I first started would be a total LIE. However, I am here to tell you that today I was forced to drive on I45 at lunch time and I wasn't even one bit nervous. I just hopped right on got where I needed to be and back, and TOTALLY SURVIVED. I am feeling super super proud of myself right about now. 

Hopefully Maggie's Taxi Service will be opening in the next week! Please put in your orders now so I can plan my schedule accordingly ;). Seriously though to all my friends and family that have driven me around the last 21 years THANK YOU!!!! I wouldn't be where I am today with out all the love and encouragement I have gotten in order to get me a license haha!!! It means more to me than you will ever know.

So here's to you license... I hope everyone else enjoys you as much as I will! 



Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Return of The Daily Margarita!

Four months later and I am finally back, and ready to catch up on all of my blogging. The time just never seems to slow down, and I feel like I rarely ever have a moment to just sit and blog. Any time that I have off and I am not busy, I am trying to catch up on sleep haha! I can't even begin to tell how much I have missed blogging. My blog has become like my place to go when the world just keeps spinning and spinning, and I can't seem to catch a break.

This summer was full of lots of fun things as well as some not so fun things too! The children I nanny are growing up so fast, and I can't wrap my head around the fact that soon enough they will be old enough to babysit!! They sure do keep me on my toes which is awesome. Much like last summer I spent countless days at the doctors and in and out of the hospital. Kidney stones and a sickness like mono totally kicked my butt this summer!

It's totally crazy to think that I have only a little more than 2 years left of college, and then I will be out in the real world! I am so so excited for what's to come. The thought of being able to help little children grow into wonderful young adults just makes my little heart so so so happy! Those bright and shining faces are going to mean so much to me once I start teaching.

That's about all for now... thanks for catching up with me!!

Heres to hoping I can get back to blogging more frequently!



Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Family Reunion 2015!!

Last Wednesday my family and I headed to the great state of Iowa. We started planning this trip months ago, so that we could be in attendance for both my cousin's wedding as well as my grandmother's 90th birthday! We left our house Wednesday with thoughts of "We will see you Monday night Houston!", but don't let that fool you!!!

As we arrived in Des Moines, Iowa late Wednesday night, we were all just so excited to get to my aunts house and get some rest. It had been a long night of traveling, and we had an even busier five days ahead. Thursday morning we woke up fairly early, and just slowly got ready for the day. We had lunch plans at my uncle's house and then we were going to just come back and relax, catch up and just take a load off. Lunch at my uncles was fabulous, the weather was perfect, the food was delicious, but most of all the company was even better. With my family living in Houston and the rest of my mom's family living in Iowa, visits tend to be few and far in between. So when we are all together we treasure that time so much! 

Friday the girls (my mom, sister, aunt and I) headed out to get some shopping done. I am sorry but girls just can't go on a trip without doing some shopping. Although Des Moines has most of the same stores as Houston, one store they do have that we don't have is Von Maur! Y'all I am telling you from a shopping addicts perspective that store is the BEST. It is a cross between Nordstrom's and Neiman's, but it has more of the Nordstrom's prices which I LOVE.  Friday night my uncle made his famous pork tenderloin sandwiches and I was in heaven. They are literally one of my favorite foods. We stayed up really late on Friday and just chatted, and laughed about old times. It is so fun to be on the adult side of the spectrum now. No longer having to go to bed early while everyone else is still up, or just finally understanding everything the adults are talking about HAHA. 

Saturday was my cousin's wedding. The morning was crazy between hair appointments, getting my grandma ready for wedding pictures and just making sure everyone was fed and ready before 3:00pm. It was supposed to rain all day Saturday, and everyone was freaking out because the wedding was on a beautiful golf course outside. Luckily The Lord was on our side and held the rain! Thank you God! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, it was the perfect day all around. My cousin had a live band, and I am telling you that is the way to go!! The band made the reception that much more fun. Saturday night we headed back to my aunt's house tired and danced out. That night I got some of the best sleep ever. Mind you this whole time I was/ still am battling a sinus infection!!! UGH!! 

Sunday we slept in and just relaxed. Everyone was so tired from the night before. After pretty much hanging out all day, we all got ready for my grandmother's 90th birthday party. The party was being held at a little small italian place down the road from my aunt and uncles house. It was all of our family plus 4 of my grandmother's high school best friends! I think it is so incredible that she still talks to her high school besties!! That gives me so much hope for the future!! It was a lovely party, and my grandmother was glowing from head to toe. She truly is one of a kind! So witty, smart, kind and just all around beautiful. I hope I am half of the woman she is at 90. 

Monday- Labor Day, we got packed up, had a wonderful lunch and then went on a tour to the main alcohol headquarters of Iowa. My uncle is the administrator of the Iowa Alcohol Beverage Division. We got to tour the warehouse that houses all of the alcohol in Iowa. Even though I am not a drinker, I found it to be super fascinating. It was cool to kind of learn about how all of it works. Monday late afternoon we headed to the airport to start our L O N G truck home. 

Our plane was supposed to take off at 6:30pm and arrive around 9:30pm back in Houston. After being at the airport for over 3 hours and having our flight pushed back due to mechanical issues, we final hopped on the plane at 7:30. We were about an hour into the flight and everything was going pretty smooth until BOOM- we were flying through tons of rain, thunder and lightning. It was one of the most scariest flights I have ever been on in my entire life. Finally the pilot got on the little intercom and announced that because of bad weather in Texas, we were going to have to be taken to DENVER, COLORADO!!! Say what???? DENVER??! We unloaded off the plane in Denver only to find out that we would not be getting our luggage, and that we could get it in Houston when we arrived there on Tuesday. After all of that fiasco we were shuttled to a nice hotel, to eat (mind you it's 11:30pm at this point) and sleep until we could get a flight out Tuesday at 2:15pm. We woke up Tuesday to beautiful weather in Denver, and we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at a local restaurant. We finally arrived home last night at about 8pm. It was the longest 24 hours of my life. Thankfully we came home to no flooding in our house and 2 happy happy dogs! In the midst of all the chaos we have so much to be thankful for. There are so many families who lost their homes and cars, and I just pray that they seek The Lord in these hard times. 

We surely had one of the best Labor Day weekends ever! So much family and so much fun! Now back to reality and making money ;) 

I'll leave you with some pictures of our trip, because we all know that the only reason why people read blogs, is so that they can be nosey and see people's pictures!!! 

 My beautiful cousin Laura and her husband Chris 
 My family plus my mom's sister, husband and mom
 Our whole family at my grandma's birthday celebration (don't mind my brother's goofy smile)

 My sister, cousin and I at my cousin's wedding
 Our last hooray before we said goodbye and headed on home to Houston! We love you Iowa!!!

You were so good to us Iowa and Denver, but we are so glad to be back home in Houston, where the mexican food is yummy and the weather is toasty! 



Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hoppy Easter 2015

I love Easter for many many many reason, but I would be lying if I said that I didn't love that you can finally wear white jeans around this time. I love celebrating Jesus and seeing everyone at church worship and praise that He indeed has RISEN. This past weekend was filled with so many things. I always look forward to busy weekends, but let me tell you after they are over I am BEAT.

All of my friends started arriving on Thursday. Thursday night I babysat for my favorite littles with one of my bffs! It was a perfect start to my lovely weekend! The night was busy, but luckily I did not have to work or go to school on Friday so it was all good. Friday morning my sister went into work late, so my mom, sister and I headed to the mall to help my mom pick out some new sunglasses (THANK GOD!!!!!). Y'all her last pair were terrible. Sorry mom! The rest of the day was packed with a haircut, lunch plans, shopping and dinner plans with friends. After a delicious dinner with my bffs at one of our favorites, George's Pastaria, we headed to play cards at one of our friend's house. 

Friday night was another late night, so by the time I got home and got in bed I just melted into my pillow. I swear that was one of the best nights of sleep I've ever gotten!! Praise!! Saturday was again filled with so many activities, so many that I will save you the bore of having to read about. 

On Sunday I was up bright and early for church and then headed to an Easter lunch, and then went home to relax a little and do an Easter dinner with my family! Sadly the weather wasn't very nice on Easter, which meant there were no pictures. My hair got all messed up on the way out of church from the rain, so I was really bitter about the weather. if you know me well, then you know my hair is my life and I literally HATE the rain because it messes with my hair. I also hate humidity.... bleh. Maybe I am living in the wrong city, ya think? Oh well, I didn't let it kill my full heart for such a special day. Sunday all of my friends headed on back to school, and we started our countdown till summer. We are sitting at a little over a month! Can I get an AMEN!!!! 

The weekend was overall perfect! I hope everyone had a perfect and blessed Easter weekend.

Excuse the selfie... this is the poncho I put on when I realized it was pouring down rain! 



Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Future

Recently I have had lots of thoughts about the future. Questions and thoughts about where I will be in 5, 10, 15 years down the road. Of course just like any other young girl I have a pictured dream life in my head. Will that be my reality? Who knows but I sure do hope some of it is. I have always been a dreamer, one that just loves to think of the future and all possibilities of things later on.

Often times my friends and I talk about getting married and having little families, about where we will live after we get married and the type of jobs we will all have. Even though that is all fun and games now, I know that when the time comes it will be pretty scary for some. As much as I hate change more than anything, there is something in my heart that tells me I am ready for everyone of those challenges. I was born ready for this stage in my life. I have been waiting for what seems like FOREVER to become, a teacher, momma and wife (I still however have many years to go before any of that is a reality).

It is crazy to me how one thing of change can scare some, but to another it is nothing. When talking to my friends, they always think it is CRAZY that I could get married tomorrow and be so happy. But again, I am a 30 year old living in a 20 year old's body. HAHA! My hope and wish is that my sweet little family will be crazy goofy, young at heart, and just perfect in the eyes of myself and my creator. I want nothing more than for my kids and husband to crave Jesus more than anyone in the world.

Life is short y'all and before we know it, I will be looking back at this post and planning my next post about retirement. CRAZY! But until then I am going to just continue to live one day at a time and love every minute of it.

So in 10 years I hope to be happily married, have an orphanage of children, and a life that I love so incredibly much! I don't think I am asking for too much ;)!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!! Hugs to all!



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